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Diving into the world of supplemental nutrition

There are 1001 health and wellness products on the market today. Between FB ads and sponsored morning newsletters, we have too many choices to count. So, we decided to pick 3 nutritional supplement brands that caught our eye, and do some digging to help you out.

Finding the right vitamin regimen for you is no simple task…

There are 1001 health and wellness products on the market today. Between FB ads and sponsored morning newsletters, we have too many choices to count. 

Here and Yelli, we like to help our customers find the brands and offers that work best for their needs and lifestyle. So, we decided to pick 3 nutritional supplement brands that caught our eye, and do some digging to help you out. 

Ritual: The clean, daily multivitamin made for your instagram feed

Reset Logic: Today’s underdog, a new brand with impressive science and ingredients

Athletic Greens: The daily powder for everyone who doesn’t eat enough vegetables 

Let’s get started!

Photo from Reset Logic.

You’re probably wondering, “what is Reset Logic?” We were too… 

Last month, Reset Logic’s Instagram page caught our eye. Tempting marketing for their product–a supplement subscription–and great content, but not too many followers. We decided to do some digging. 

As it turns out, Reset Logic is a brand new company–only about 6 months old, still building up their brand and social followings. They may be young, but their product is impressive. Their monthly supplement program, called “the Reset,” promises 70+ ingredients for comprehensive nutritional support, delivered via a unique weekly rotation for better results. According to their website, it’s “the best insurance for wholistic health” you can get. 

Obviously, we had to learn more:

Their weekly system:

The unique weekly rotation–they call it the isochronic method–is what really sets the Reset apart from other products. Rather than taking the same pill each day, the Reset varies ingredients, targeting a different health area each week of the month. And because you’re not getting the same formula each day, the Reset can deliver more of the Recommended Daily Allowance (higher quantities) of the vitamins and nutrients in each dose compared to other products. 

Complicated? Yes. But seemingly logical.

The ingredients:

Reset Logic isn’t kidding about comprehensive nutritional support. All of their product’s 70+ ingredients (72, to be exact) are listed on their website, along with links to numerous scientific studies for each ingredient verifying its use in the product. Some you’ve heard of (like vitamins A to E), some you probably haven’t (like citrus bioflavonoids or streptococcus thermophilus), and some you may be surprised by (like the two different types of tree bark).

The product:

Your month’s worth of supplements arrive in a sleek, durable box. It’s easily stored on your counter or a shelf. Inside, you’ll find a travel bag filled with 7 immune max packets (for week 4). Underneath, the daily packets for weeks 1, 2 and 3 are sorted into smaller cardboard boxes. 

The packets look and feel high quality. Plus they’re perfect to take with you on-the-go. Our only complaint — the immune max packets and travel bag lie across the top of your box. So, every time you need to grab a packet for weeks 1, 2 or 3, it has to move out of the way. We just stored it behind our box.. Problem solved!


Thanks to the daily packets, using the product couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do is rip open the foil and go. 

The supplements are a mix of pills and powders–pills for weeks 1 and 4, powders for 2 and 3. The greens powder for week 2 has a semi-sweet flavor to it that isn’t half bad. To our surprise, the probiotic bulk powder for week 3 was a light pink color, similarly sweet but mild in taste. 

The instructions on the back of the immune max packets (for week 4) say to take each of the 3 daily pills provided separately and 4 hours apart. In the interest of providing the most useful review, we took them all at once (in the morning, with food). Thankfully, we didn’t notice any of the nausea that some supplements can cause.

Our final verdict:

Reset Logic likes to claim, “we’ve done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is hit reset.” We agree. Their product is backed by complex science and delivers tons of ingredients, yet it couldn’t be easier to use

Will you feel different? It’s hard to say–but that’s true of most dietary supplements. By week 2, our energy levels seemed to be up. Definitely a healthier gut in week 3–which makes a bigger impact on how you feel than you might think… By month’s end, you definitely feel healthier–enough so that we’ll be continuing for another month for sure. 

Tangible results aside, you know everyday that you’re providing your body high quality nutritional support. And all you have to do is rip open a foil packet. All for a price point considerably lower than many competitors. Really, what’s the downside?

The brand is so new that it’s easy to see why potential customers might fall into the trap of purchasing a similar product from a competitor. The offer feels too good to be true. But we think the Reset is worth giving a try. In our opinion, this really is one of your best options for nutritional support on the market.

Photo from Ritual

A “clear” choice for your morning ritual? 

Before writing this review, we knew two things about Ritual: (1) they love the word “traceability”, and (2) “the future of vitamins is clear”… so they say. 

After a bit more research, we now know that Ritual is all about clean and quality. Each of the multivitamin products they offer is vegan, gluten free, nonGMO, and so on. All of their ingredients and suppliers are traceable through their website.

The ingredients: 

If we had to guess, “traceable ingredients” and “our clinical study” are the most commonly used words on ritual’s website. From Vitamin D, to Omega-3s and Biotin, their 16 ingredients are all listed on Ritual’s website. Keep in mind, not all 16 ingredients are in each of their multivitamin products. The Essential for Women (18+), for example, contains only 9

Ritual did invest in a clinical study to demonstrate the effectiveness of their multivitamins. The study’s glowing results can be found on their website. While the study produced positive results, skeptics will tell you that it proves little. A better source of information on ritual’s products is the reviews, the vast majority of which are also positive. 

The product: 

Your ritual vitamins arrive at your door monthly in a beautiful box. The bottle is high quality, and very aesthetic–perfect for your Instagram page, and definitely designed with a younger, female audience in mind. 


There’s not too much we can say about the usability of Ritual’s vitamins… You take two vitamins daily. By the time you run out, your next bottle has arrived at your door. The subscription does make it impossible to run out of or forget to restock your vitamins.

Another perk–the vitamins smell minty fresh thanks to a high quality bottle-insert. Anyone who has tried their fair share of vitamin brands knows that they don’t always smell as nice. 

Final verdict: 

Do we feel different? That’s a hard question to answer for any multivitamin or supplement. But if you’re looking for a multivitamin with clean, traceable ingredients, Ritual is the brand for you.

Photo from Athletic Greens

You’ve probably already heard of athletic greens: 

Thanks to a flurry of Facebook marketing, several celebrity influencers and their dedicated fan base, you’ve probably already heard of Athletic Greens. Like Ritual, they offer a product for everyday support–although AG uses a powder. And like Reset Logic, they deliver more than 70 ingredients for impressive nutritional insurance. 

 But are they our best bet for everyday support? Let’s see: 

The ingredients: 

If you’re looking for quantity or diversity of ingredients, Reset Logic and Athletic Greens should be at the top of your list. AG lists all 75 of their ingredients on their website, along with a short bio explaining the health benefits of each. Although they don’t provide scientific references for each ingredient, they do provide some information about the manufacturing and sourcing process. 

The brunt of their powder is definitely whole food ingredients. In each scoop, you only get 21% of your daily value of chromium, 20% for manganese, and only 10% of copper. Higher quantities of Vitamin C and E, but no Vitamin D at all. But their list of whole food ingredients–from spirulina, to chlorella powder and papaya–is very long. 

The product: 

The highest price point on our list, AG is $77/month if you subscribe, a hefty $97 if you don’t want the monthly commitment. Subscribers receive the complimentary “welcome kit.” 

At such a high price per month, the product better be impressive–and it is. The resealable pouch is more than just attractive–it’s very high quality. And of course, the branded water bottle and ceramic jar are a nice perk for first time buyers. 

Although we went the traditional route, customers can also choose to get their greens in individual daily packets–they call them “travel packs”– for the higher subscription cost of $87/month. 


Like Ritual, the product is as simple as possible to use. Just grab your daily scoop of powder, dissolve it in water–using your complimentary AG water bottled if you subscribe–and drink. 

Although you’ll find a few reviews claiming a truly horrible taste, most customers have no trouble getting their daily greens down. We have to agree. You may not go looking for a drink that tastes like your greens powder, but it certainly won’t kill you. It’s sweet, but not too sweet.

Final verdict: 

Athletic Greens is an impressive brand–no question about it. It’s hard to argue with their long list of ingredients, attractive aesthetic and high-quality product. Although you can’t tell exactly how much of the superfood, herb or digestive ingredients you’re getting in each dose, you’re certainly not hurting your nutritional health. 

The only downside we see is the price point. More than double either Ritual or Reset Logic. If price isn’t a factor, Athletic Greens offers a quality product with impressive ingredients that you certainly shouldn’t overlook!

The FINAL, final verdict:

If you’re looking for a simple, quality multivitamin, Ritual might be the brand for you. If you’re looking for the same long list of ingredients with broader health benefits, Reset Logic is probably your best choice. If you’re looking for super-greens and price isn’t a deterring factor, then Athletic Greens should be on your list!

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